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Invader Zim: TMHSE Invader Zim: TMHSE

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Animator Speaks, PILOT Released!

YES, EVEN THOUGH I DID PART OF THE ANIMATION ON THIS I'M WRITING A REVIEW ABOUT IT FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THE LOVED FANS OUT THERE! And for those who wondered if any of this stuff was forged, it was created 100% original, poses.. Backgrounds, audio, everything from our own staff of the IZFAS (Invader Zim Fan Animated Series).

Truth, there's a lot of things I'm not satisfied about in this Flash.. The script for one, but we all did our job to get it complete. But that's from a perfect animator's perspective. It was a STRUGGLE with our low staff and various ups and downs, >_< but we finally did it, and released a positive symbol that will hopefully thrive throughout the community.

Of course it isn't "all that", I admit.. But it's getting close... Closer and closer to making Invader Zim coming back a REALITY! (We have other voices that sound EXACTLY LIKE THE ORIGINALS, not including voices heard in this pilot) Our first goal is creating the episodes that never made it on the air, but were scrapped when Zim was cancelled. And you fans can help perfect it, making future episodes of Invader Zim for the public and free of charge, donating your talents and making this actually happen, joining our team. Hopefully this will be one of many to be released.. We are looking for animators, music/sound guys, anyone who thinks they can do a better voice of a character, storyboarders, colourists and artists all alike to apply! Head on over and check it out!

We made this to declare this is a serious approch. We're not f**king n00bs, we're not kidding around, we're serious about this and it's going to happen. Hopefully this made my message be heard.

Thank you for listening! ^_^ *peace*

Filler Bunny Filler Bunny

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Cute fluffy style, but there's something else..

When I came on here to search for past FillerBunny made materials I came accross yours. I'd have to say I giggled a little bit at the sillyness (the music went well with the sillyness, I can tell ya that.. XD). It was kind of too light for my taste though, everything was too .... fluffyify.. Which isn't probably a good theatre technique, but nice try.

I don't agree with the reviewer that the style was reflected well.. But it seems that it was drawn in its OWN poor style.. Which made itself unique and corny ^_^, in a good way.

Just to let you know, it sorta reminded me about a very cute type japanese cartoon. XD I leave you with a sentence that will send you to the top, "try something else". I await seeing your other works, bye bye now!

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